Sell Your Books

Sell your books

Sell us your books...and let someone else enjoy them.

If you are like us, your bookshelves are filled with books that you might never read. Don't just let them go unread--give them a second life and earn some money in the process!

The Strand is glad to purchase your good condition, quality hardcover and paperback books, including scholarly and academic books. Books that have “resale value” include recent perennial bestsellers, classic hardcovers, and recently popular works, among other works. Unfortunately, we cannot accept textbooks, journals, or magazines, as these works are frequently updated and quickly become out-of-date. We buy DVDs, Blu-ray, CDs, and Audiobooks if they are unopened and in original packaging.

All books and items must be evaluated in store to accurately assess their resale value. Strand is unable to quote prices over the phone for your books. If the buying counter is particularly busy and you are selling large quantities of books, we may request that you leave your books for evaluation and return later. If you have many books and need assistance bringing your items to the buying desk, please ask a bookseller for help.

Strand cannot accept book donations, but we are happy to donate the proceeds of your book sale to charities on your behalf. Please arrive with appropriate charity contact information, including phone and web address, to ease us in processing your donation!

Proceeds from your book sale are available in cash or in-store credit. If you select the in-store credit option, you receive a 10% bonus.

Help us create a world of unique libraries with a smaller carbon footprint--sell your books to the Strand today!

Monday through Saturday 9:30AM-6:00PM

Please call (212) 473-1452 ext. 240 for more information.