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  • All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular World

    By Hubert Dreyfus

    Our Price: $10.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781416596158
    • Publisher: Free Press
    • Published: January 2011
    The authors illuminate some of the greatest works of the West to reveal how we have lost our passionate engagement with and responsiveness to the world. Their journey takes readers from the wonder and openness of Homer's polytheism to the monotheism of Dante; from the autonomy of Kant to the mutliple worlds of Melville; and finally, to the spiritual difficulties evoked by modern authors such as David Foster Wallace, who attempted to pertain in a world wholly cut from the cloth of a lostness he could perceive in himself and those around him. Re-envisioning modern spiritual life thorugh their examination of literature, philosophy, and religious testimiony, philosophers Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly unearth ancient sources of meaning, and teach readers how to rediscover the sacred, shining things that surround us every day. Notes, Index. 254p.
  • Among the Gently Mad: Perspectives and Strategies for the Book-Hunter in the Twenty-First Century

    By Nicholas Basbanes

    Our Price: $12.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780805051599
    • Published: November 2002
    The author's unsurpassed grasp of the history and lore of book collecting has delighted bibliophiles with his previous books, A Gentle Madness, and Patience &Fortitude. Now, Mr. Basbanes provides a 21st-century guide to book collecting that deals with both the traditional methods of acquisition and the electronic tools now available on the Internet. The book offers a lucid,informed refresher course on the fundamentals that endure, while questioning certain practices of doubtful validity. 'The book no modern collector will want to be without!' 288p.
  • Art Deco Bookbindings: The Work of Pierre Legrain and Rose Adler

    By Yves Peyre

    Our Price: $14.95
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781568984629
    • Published: March 2004
    The two designers who dramatically transformed bookbinding into a medium of playful and dazzling experimentation and craftsmanship with their colorful, imaginative works, often madein exotic materials. This volume selects more than sixty designs, colored-paper maquettes, and realized bindings. With insightful texts introducing the work and discussing its revolutionary effect on modern design. Illus., 60 in full color. 120p.
  • Asami Library: A Descriptive Catalogue

    By Chaoying Fang

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781499911459
  • Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector's Manual

    By Edmund Berkeley

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780684156224
    • Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons
    • Published: June 1982
    Sponsored by the Manuscript Society.
  • Beauty and the Book: Fine Editions and Cultural Distinction In America

    By Megan Benton

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780300082135
    • Published: January 2000
  • Bibliography of the Village Press: 1903-1938

    By Melbert B Cary Jr.

    Our Price: $6.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781299800243
    • Publisher: NICHOLAS T. SMITH
    • Published: 1981
  • Bibliologia Comica;: Or, Humorous Aspects of the Caparisoning and Conservation of Books,

    By Lawrence Sidney Thompson

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780208007124
    • Publisher: Archon Books
    • Published: January 1968
  • The Blue of Capricorn

    By Eugene Burdick

    Our Price: $10.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781499117516
    • Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
    • Published: 1961
    Author of The Ninth Wave, co-author of The Ugly American, now takes as his literary province the vast area of the South Pacific known as Oceania.
  • Book Business: Publishing: Past, Present, and Future

    By Jason Epstein

    Our Price: $6.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780393049848
    • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
    • Published: January 2001
    The creator of Anchor Books and cofounder of The New York Review of Books, The Library of America and The Reader's Catalog discusses the severe crisis facing the book business today and looks ahead to the radicallytransformed industry that will revolutionize the idea of the book as profoundly as the introduction of movable type did five centuries ago. 188p.
  • Book Collecting : A Comprehensive Guide

    By Allen Ahearn

    Our Price: $10.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780399134562
    • Publisher: Putnam Adult
    • Published: September 1989
  • Book Collecting: A Modern Guide

    By Jean Peters

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780835209854
    • Publisher: R.R. BOWKER COMPANY
    • Published: 1983
    Twelve essays by noted book collectors, curators, and scholars cover auctions, dealers, descriptive bibliographies, forgeries, the organization of a collection, and the care of books and manuscripts
  • Book Smart: Your Essential Reading List for Becoming a Literary Genius In 365 Days

    By Jane Mallison

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780071482714
    • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    • Published: October 2007
    Offers a list of one hundred and twenty books in an arrangement based on the time of year, providing the reader with advice on how to approach reading and historical and thematical notes on each work.
  • The Book of Lost Books : An Incomplete History of All the Great Books You'll Never Read

    By Stuart Kelly

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781400062973
    • Publisher: RANDOM HOUSE
    • Published: 2006
    8vo. Luckily, masterpieces of classical literature still remain available to readers around the world through the incredible revelry for history & tradition. But what about all those lost classics, such as 'Speak, America,' Nabokov's second volume of memoirs, or Socrates' versions of Aesop's fables? In this brilliant feat of literary detection and historical expose, Stuart Kelly brings readers this compulsively readable story of the tantalizing, vanished works by the famous, the acclaimed, and the influential writers whose works were lost, sometimes due to outrageous circumstances. Index. 344p.
  • The Book on the Book Shelf

    By Henry Petroski

    Our Price: $4.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780965004558
    • Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
    • Published: January 1999
    The book delves into the question of the inevitability of books' vertical arrangement on horizontal surfaces that we know as 'bookshelves.' Illus., 67 b&w. 290p. Pap.