• Clueless ('Whatever!' Edition)

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: DVD
    • Published: 2005-08-30 00:00:00
    Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison
  • College: Ultimate Edition

    Our Price: $14.95
    • Format: DVD
    • Publisher: Kino Lorber
    • Published: 2013-03-05 00:00:00
    Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall
  • Ikiru (The Criterion Collection)

    Our Price: $39.95
    • Format: DVD
    • Publisher: Criterion
    • Published: 2004-01-06 00:00:00
    Takashi Shimura, Bokuzen Hidari, Minosuke Yamada, Kamatari Fujiwara, Makoto Kobori, Nobuo Kaneko, Nobuo Nakamura, Atsushi Watanabe (II), Isao Kimura, Masao Shimizu
  • Minority Report (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

    Our Price: $6.50
    • Format: DVD
    • Publisher: Dreamworks Video
    • Published: 2002-12-17 00:00:00
    With Colin Farrell, Arye Gross, Jessica Harper, Patrick Kilpatrick and Caroline Lagerfelt.
  • Wholphin, No. 2

    By Brent Hoff

    Our Price: $19.95
    • Format: DVD
    • ISBN-13: 9781932416657
    • Publisher: MCSWEENEY'S
    • Published: January 0001
    This issue offers a brand-new film from Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Traffic), the Japanese Bewitched rescripted by writers of The Daily Show, two Oscar-nominated animated shorts, and special appearances by Andy Richter, Donald Trump, and a monkey-faced eel. Issue no. 2 also includes a special bonus disc containing a controversial political documentary.
  • Wholphin, No. 8

    By McSweeney

    Our Price: $19.95
    • Format: DVD
    • ISBN-13: 9781934781364
    • Publisher: McSweeney
    • Published: May 2009
    Wholphin is a quarterly DVD magazine collecting unseen short films, documentaries, animation, and instructional videos. The first five issues featured gems from Errol Morris, Alexander Payne, Stephen Soderbergh, David O. Russell, Bob Odenkirk, Jessica Yu, Miranda July, and Dennis Hopper (surrounded by dynamite). A few of the acting talents seen on Wholpin include Paul Rudd, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Zoey Deschanel, and Selma Blair. There was also a motherly squid, beautiful and spooky, and an eel with a face like a monkey.