Wednesday October 18: 7:30PM 8:30PM

Event Admission

Carroll Dunham is no stranger to the NYC art scene and we're excited to host him for the launch of his latest book, Wrestlers.

This collection features four of his bodies of work: A Wrestling Place series—depicting two Herculean figures mid-tussle against a barren panorama; Self-Examination paintings—a wrestler’s intimately folded body represented within a tensely cropped picture plane; the Wrestler suite—individual portraits of the brawling protagonists standing in profile, facing away from the viewer and exposing scuffed, bruised backs against otherworldly blue backdrops; and The Golden Age­—scenes rendered in pencil on gessoed linen.

Join us in the second floor Art Department as Carroll sits down with Alexi Worth, the writer for this new collection.


Carroll Dunham is a painter, known for his conceptual approach to painting and drawing and his interest in exploring the relationship between abstraction and figuration.

Alexi Worth is a painter, curator, art critic, and writer who is known for his conceptually rich and visually graphic works that address modern life and art-making. He is currently represented by DC Moore Gallery, New York.