Censorship: An Open Discussion About Disguising The Provocative

Censorship: An Open Discussion About Disguising The Provocative

May 6: 7:00PM 8:00PM

Why is one piece of art more disturbing than another? Why is some sexual content too graphic? Where do we draw the line? And why do we draw it? Come to our panel of artists who’ve thought about this issue, and have pushed the envelope time and time again hoping to keep their work clear of imposed limitations.

Joining us will be; Svetlana Mintcheva, the Program Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship and the author of Exposing the Censor Within; Jonathan Ames, known for his column about his sexual exploits in the New York Press, the author of eight books including Wake Up Sir! and The Alcoholic; Carolee Schneemann, an artist whose work has redefined discourse surrounding the body, sexuality and gender in art; Anthony Haden-Guest, who has written several books including True Colors: The Real Life of the Art World and The Last Party: Studio 54, Disco and The Culture of the Night; Heide Hatry, a visual artist and curator, whose work challenges our perceptions of organs and flesh. Her books include Heads and Tales, Skin, and Not A Rose; Gene Guberman is a practicing psychoanalyst who will take a more scientific approach to the subject of why we’re drawn to the illicit, the forbidden, and why we censor ourselves.

Buy a $15 Strand gift card at the registers or the door in order to attend this event. The event will be located in the Strand's 3rd floor Rare Book Room at our store at 828 Broadway at 12th Street

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