Jackson Galaxy: Total Cat Mojo

Tuesday November 7: 7:00PM 8:00PM

Event Admission          Signed Copy, No Admission

People with a soft spoke in their hearts for cats tend to love the crazy antics kitties have, from chasing laser pointers to climbing into every box, but sometimes their behavior baffled the most experience cat owner. Why is the happy kitty suddenly distant? Why is the cuddle-bug suddenly hissing at everyone? What is going on? The answer lies in one simple thing: cat mojo.

Cat Mojo is the confidence of a cat, a delicate confidence that can be upset by seemingly insignificant changes in the household. It can seem hard to figure out, but cat guru Jackson Galaxy has made the ultimate guide designed to help cat lovers help their cats. The book covers everything from birth, covering various scenarios in relation to grooming, playing, eating, and even the evil trips to the vet.

Join us in the Rare Book Room as Jackson talks all-things cats and signs copies of his book!

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