Monday August 14: 7:00PM 8:00PM

Terry Jastrow has asked a thought-provoking question: what would happen if George W. Bush were prosecuted for war crimes? In his novel The Trial of Prisoner 043, Jastrow seeks to answer this big 'what if?' possibility.

What if on one seemingly ordinary day when out playing a round of golf, relaxing and unwinding from spending years in the position as Commander-and-Chief, former US President George W. Bush was taken into custody as a war criminal? 

The International Criminal Court has spent years gathering information on George W. Bush, ensuring he be brought to court to stand trail. His crime? Being the person most singularly responsible for the war in Iraq. Faced with the world's various accusations, will he be found innocent or guilty?

Terry will be joined in conversation by academy award nominated actor Anne Archer.

Join us in the Rare Book Room as Terry and actor Anne Archer discuss the making of his first novel!

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