William T. Vollmann

Tuesday April 10: 7:00PM 8:00PM

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Over the years William T. Vollmann has earned critical acclaim by addressing some of the most important issues of our times, covering everything from the country's inverted financial situation to violence to the growing imperialism. In this new book, Vollmann examines what is perhaps the most pressing issue we have ever faced: global warming.

Vollmann approaches the topic by exploring the various factors that cause climate change, including industrial manufacturing, fossil fuel extraction, agricultural practices, and more. He discusses the people's desire for a comfortable life and what that can mean, and shares his time spent in contaminated sites. He describes his trips to Fukushima, equipped with a dosimeter and a scintillation counter, interviewing survivors of the tsunami that caused the reactor meltdown, and tells it all in his iconic wit and immensely researched speech.

Join us in the Rare Book Room as William T. Vollmann paints the sobering picture of what sort of danger the planet is in if massive changes aren't enacted.

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