All the Tea in China

By Kit Chow

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"This lavishly illustrated book explores both the historical lore of tea in China, Japan, and the West and the aesthetic virtues of the beverage. . . . A charming and informative addition to any library collection."?Library JournalOriginally published in 1990, All the Tea in China is a classic book on tea and tea culture that has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. Available again in a new printing with updated text and illustrations, it is an essential book that brings together the social and cultural history of tea, the scientific background of tea and tea agriculture, nomenclature and classification, aesthetics, appreciation, brewing, and health benefits. It is a book that can be enjoyed by anyone who is a fan of the world's most remarkable beverage.Kit Chow was born in Kaiping County in southern China and "rediscovered" tea (something he had always taken for granted) in order to improve his own health. The result was (is) a lifelong quest to (re)discover the growers, doctors, and tea drinkers in China, East Asia, and around the world. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.Ione Kramer (1926-2008) was born in Racine, Wisconsin. She received an MA in English and dramatic arts from Columbia University. In 1955 she moved to China where she was an editor with China Reconstructs magazine for thirty years.
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