“We boast about 2.5 million books. You keep growing in this business. I think the books are breeding.”

Fred Bass

"It's a lotta fun - like a treasure hunt. I wouldn't be in any other business."

-Fred Bass, Owner

Meet Fred Bass, The Strand's Owner

Fred Bass co-owns the Strand Book Store with his daughter Nancy Bass Wyden. He's been part of the Strand his entire life since his father, Benjamin Bass, founded the store in 1927.

A fellow lover of books, Fred was learning the family business by the tender age of 13, quickly taking to the book trade where he worked side-by-side with his father. After a tour of duty in the Armed Forces, Fred returned to the family business and took over its management in 1956.

Today, Fred can still be found behind the buying desk four days a week, buying in the miles and miles of used books that Strand is built on.

Hear from Fred himself as he talks about the Strand's history!

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