• '44: In Combat from Normandy to the Ardennes

    By Charles Whiting

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780880291897
    • Publisher: Military Heritage Press
    • Published: January 1984
  • The 'Magic' Background of Pearl Harbor, in Eight Volumes

    By Department of Defense

    Our Price: $80.00
    • Format: Oversize Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9789110100480
    • Publisher: Department of Defense
    • Published: 1977
    Five volumes with separately bound appendices for volumes II, III, and IV.
  • 'Old Bruin': Commodore Matthew C. Perry, 1794-1858

    By Samuel Eliot Morison

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781299529243
    • Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press/Little, Brown and Company
    • Published: 1967
    The American naval officer who helped found Liberia, hunted pirates in the West Indies, practised diplomacy with the Sultan of Turkey and the King of the Two Sicilies; commanded the Gulf Squardon in the Mexican War, promoted the steam navy and the shell gun, and conducted the naval expedition which opened Japan.
  • 'Our Special Artist': Alfred R. Waud's Civil War

    By Frederic E. Ray

    Our Price: $12.50
    • Format: Oversize Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780811711944
    • Publisher: Stackpole Books
    • Published: April 1994
  • 'The Good War': An Oral History of World War Two

    By Studs Terkel

    Our Price: $9.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780394531038
    • Publisher: Pantheon
    • Published: September 1984
    The dean of oral history evokes the innocent idealism, as well as the terror and horror, of ordinary Americans at home and abroad during World War II
  • 'This Here is 'G' Company': A Chronicle of Company 'G', Second Batallion, Twenty-Fifth Marines, Fourth Marine Division, FMF

    By John E. Lane

    Our Price: $9.00
    • Format: Oversize Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780963673343
    • Publisher: Brightlights Publications
    • Published: January 1997
  • 'War Stories': False Atrocity Tales, Swift Boaters, and Winter Soldiers - What Really Happened in Vietnam

    By Gary Kulik

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781597973045
    • Publisher: POTOMAC BOOKS
    • Published: October 2009
    'War Stories' delves into the myths associated specifically with the Vietnam veteran's experience and explores them through the war stories vets told and continue totell. Kulik conducts an extremely thorough review of the Vietnam literature and interviews participants wherever possible, poking holes in the war myths throughout the political spectrum. 'War Stories' discusses how returning Vietnam vets were actually treated and probes the myths that atrocities were commonlpace and that all Vietnam veterans feel guilty and suffer from PTSD.
  • 100 Days to Victory: How the Great War Was Fought & Won

    By Saul David

    Our Price: $16.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781444763355
    • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
    • Published: September 2013
  • 100 Decisive Battles From Ancient Times to the Present: The World's Major Battles and How They Shaped History

    By Paul K. Davis

    Our Price: $10.00
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780195143669
    • Publisher: Oxford University Press
    • Published: June 2001
    From the ancient Egyptian battle at Megiddo in 1469 BC to the recent military actions in Iraq, great battles have had an enormous impact on the shaping of history. Now, in this fully illustrated book, one hundred of the world's most important military confrontations are described in detail. 100 Decisive Battles gives us the facts about the battle and also explains where it fits in to the scope of world history.In each entry we are given the name and date of the battle, the commanders, the size of the opposing forces, and casualties. An account of the battle plan and the military action are strategically discussed, and each description closes with a valuable consideration of how history was affected by the outcome of the conflict. Among the battles presented are the Battle of Thymbra (546 BC), the Battle of Chalons (451 AD), the Battle of Cajamarca (1532), the Battle of Dien Bien Phu (1954), and the Tet Offensive (1968). Accompanying maps and sidebars help further orient us with each military action.Global in scope, with excellent coverage of American, Central American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern battles, and with its stirring accounts of familiar battles and many lesser known military conflicts, 100 Decisive Battles is essential reading for military buffs and anyone interested in how the modern world came to be.
  • 100 Greatest Military Photographs

    By Robert J. Dalessandro

    Our Price: $12.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780794837730
    • Publisher: Whitman Publishing, LLC
    • Published: January 2013
  • 101st Airborne: The Screaming Eagles At Normandy

    By Mark Bando

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Oversize Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780760308554
    • Publisher: ZENITH PRESS
    • Published: April 2001
  • 109 EAST PALACE : Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos

    By Jennet Conant

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780743250078
    • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    • Published: April 2005
    Jennet Conant, author of the bestseller 'Tuxedo Park,' captures all the exhilaration and drama of the perilous twenty-seven months at Los Alamos, a secret city cut off from the rest of society, ringed bybarbed wire, where Oppenheimer and his young recruits lived as virtual prisoners of the U.S. government. In this riveting account, Conant reveals an exceptionally gifted and enigmatic man who served his country at tremendous personal cost and whose singular achievement, and subsequent undoing, is at the root of our present nuclear predicament.
  • 109 East Palace: Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos

    By Jennet Conant

    Our Price: $17.99
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780743250085
    • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    • Published: May 2006
    From the bestselling author of Tuxedo Park, the intimate story of the thousands recruited by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the head of the Manhattan Project, in 1943, to a desert Shangri-la - Los Alamos, a barren mesa some thirty-five miles outside Santa Fe, New Mexico - where the world's leading physicists raced to invent the atomic bomb and bring down the curtain on World War II. Author's Note on Sources, Selected Bibliography, Index. Illus., b&w photographs. 425p.
  • The 10th Minnesota Volunteers, 1862-1865: A History of Action in the Sioux Uprising and the Civil War, with a Regimental Roster

    By Michael A. Eggleston

    Our Price: $39.95
    • Format: Oversize Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780786465934
    • Publisher: Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub
    • Published: May 2012
    "This chronicle merges the individual experiences of Union soldiers, Native Americans, and Confederates to offer a compelling, panoramic portrait of the 10th Minnesota during the Sioux Uprising and the Civil War, revealing the unwavering resolve of this remarkable regiment"--Provided by publisher.
  • 11 Days In December : Christmas At the Bulge, 1944

    By Stanley Weintraub

    Our Price: $7.50
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780743287104
    • Publisher: Free Press
    • Published: November 2006
    'How would you like to die for Christmas?' This was the ominous message the German blared across GI lines on a loudspeaker in December of 1944, as the infamous Battle of the Bulge neared its dramatic finale. This Christmas season held many vital conflicts that would eventually ensure an Allied victory: Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe refused to surrender Belgian; General Patton's much-needed reinforcements finally arrived; and a Christmas day dawnedthat would change the world forever. In '11 Days in December,' renowned historian Stanley Weintraub brings to vivid life this bloody holiday season and the history of the Battle of the Bulge as it has never been told before.