Abbi R

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Simple instructions clearly written, this no nonsense explanation of how King writes is as revealing of the man as it is of his craft. You could disagree with everything he says and still be inspired by his passion. Plus, if you’re really paying attention, you could learn telepathy….

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Cale H

Main Floor Manager

Jesse Ball's latest novel is the best book I've read this year. I can't remember a book that was completely beautiful and tender, while remaining extremely raw and vital. Anyone who's ever felt confused when their best doesn't pay off will find this book chockablock with sardonic and wry insight covering the softer bits below. It's hard to describe how this book made me feel. But however I was feeling, I felt it all during this exceptional story. A must read.

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Lila Z


Lydia Davis is a literary hero. Seeing her read is like seeing stand up comedy. Reading her means never knowing where you'll end up-but I'm always glad to go along for the ride. You can't miss this one and you won't regret it. Lydia we love you!

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Amanda W

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Do not be fooled by the cheesy cover art or the copy on the back: this is NOT a piece of fluff or romance. It is serious, precise, quality fiction. It is an accurate and full contemplation of trust: both in others and ourselves. How can you trust anyone when every human you've trusted has broken that bond? Is it possible to heal from trauma? To learn to trust, to love, and to be loved? Vanessa Diffenbaugh's writing is poetic and convincing. She will have you sending Bellflower with your thank you notes and Chamomile to a loved one who needs the extra strength.

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Alex B

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Outrageous, in the best way. Perfect use of an unreliable narrator to leave a cynical and culturally appropriate aftertaste.

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Miguel S

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A powerful meditation on love and marriage that you can/will read in one sitting. Don’t let it’s quickness dissuade you. It will stay with you. Offill is a poetic and beautiful voice.

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Matthew G

Callback Staff

This memoir recounts the years (beginning in his late teens) in which Samuel R. Delany, the acclaimed science fiction writer, essayist, and gay rights activist, first started to write and publish science fiction and lead an actively gay lifestyle (while in an open, interracial marriage with the white poet Marilyn Hacker, who was a fellow student and fellow prodigy at The Bronx High School of Science). Full of great anecdotes, cameos by notable figures of the time such as Bob Dylan and W.H. Auden, and perceptive reflections on art, memory, and a host of other subjects, The Motion of Light in Water is also a fascinating look back at a New York of another time, and an immensely pleasurable read.

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Liz DT

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A novel? Short stories? Poetry? Vignettes? Claire-Louise Bennett’s debut is the best book i’ve read in 2016, even though I can’t quite tell you what it is. A nice fit for fans of Lydia Davis and Nicholson Baker. A lovely book to read outdoors, alone.

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