Myllicent F

Children's Department

Outstanding in the Rain tells the story of a young birthday boy, spending his big day in Coney Island. Holes cut of the pages act like windows to the next page, allowing fun word play and rhyming. Take a look for yourself!

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Cale H

Main Floor Manager

So Sad Today is incredible. This collection of intensely personal and raw essays manages to completely sidestep any shred of navel-gazing and deftly avoids self-aggrandizing personal trauma. The subject matter will resonate with many people. This is an essay collection without peer. Such is the intensity of the unflinching mirror that Broder turns upon herself.

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Martine H

Main floor Staff

Shriver takes the widespread, senseless trend of violence found in contemporary American culture and brings it down to a personal level. Confusing, tender, at times alarming, and altogether identifiable. Introspective, startling and beautiful.

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James C

Review Dept.

This is a rambunctious tale of the making of one of the most explosive films in American movie history. Led by the brilliant, tyrannical Paddy Chayefsky, Mad As Hell profiles an eccentric collection of people collaborating on the one of the most controversial movies ever made!

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Miguel S

Visual Merchandise

Faber's writing is so mesmerizing you don't realize he is leading you down a very messed up rabbit hole until it's too late. Epic, heartbreaking,ambitious. A summer must read!

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Toni T

Review Dept. Manager

Scarlet Gospels does what few books have done for me, it unnerved me. There’s a certain disillusionment that comes with being a lover of horror. After a while it takes a work of epic proportions to throw you into the realm of unease. It has been a long time since a book, movie or other form of horror media has been able to take me to the limits of what I can handle (and as someone who has watched both Nekromantik and Cannibal Holocaust with little flinching that’s a lot) but this novel did just that.

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Billy M


In communion, these three move fluidly between time and space, awake and dream, and possibly life and death, to a plane beyond our understanding. They speak to and from the soul and our crude bodies no longer matter.

In reading their words, we have an opportunity to brush against that place beyond any we have known and it offers us sweet nourishment, if only for a brief moment.

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Heather P

Visual Merchandise

Kowloon Walled City was a small settlement near the outskirts of Hong Kong which, thanks to a period of ownership disputes, thousands of refugees claimed and slowly developed into a densely populated urban environment. In the space of less then a tenth of a mile, the city thrived, with over 30,000 residents and remained largely ungoverned until Hong Kong demolished it in 1994. Absolutely the definitive English text on the city, with interviews, photos, and analysis, this is a recent reissue (with added content) of the highly sought after original.

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