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3 Doz. Poems Anthologies
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Presents a collection of poems each intended to evoke in listeners a moment of intellectual clarity.

Editorial Reviews

No one reads a poem like Keillor (The Book of Guys, Audio Reviews, LJ 2/1/94), and, arguably, no one selects poems like him, either. This collection covers everything from doggerel to classics to works by contemporary poets. Funny, moving, and insightful, this unique collection should be in every library, especially considering the bargain price. However, producer Liz Fleischman should have skipped the recorded sound effects between poems. For instance, the noise of city traffic (complete with a sudden blare from a taxi horn that could cause a coronary for some drivers) detracts from the poems. Additionally, a simple statement of the author's name would have been preferable (and may also help prevent traffic accidents caused by folks having to squint at the cassette insert). Reilly Reagan, Putnam Cty. Lib., Cookeville, Tenn. Copyright 1998 Library Journal Reviews

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