10 X 10 / 3: 100 Architects 10 Critics

10 X 10 / 3: 100 Architects 10 Critics Architecture
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The 100 architects featured in this volume, the latest in Phaidon's '10x10' series, push the boundaries of design & redefine the very meaning of architecture: from a building sliced in half in order to design the space in between to a skyscraper that seems to disappear on sunny days. This comprehensive & global view of architecture presents the works of 100 up-and-coming architects the world over, selected by 10 of the best-informed critics, curators and architects. Arranged alaphabetically by architect, the book features more than 1,500 illustrations of approximately 350 buildings & projects from the past five years, including the recently built as well the theoretical. 468p.

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