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After Tupac and D Foster Award Winners
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At first, Neeka and her best friends are in awe of D Foster. D doesn't have a 'real' mom constantly on her back, and can do what she wants. Yet D longs to feel connected, and as the three girls bond over the music of Tupac Shakur, D shows the other girls the meaning of the lyrics. After Tupac is shot the first time, the girls are amazed by his ability to come back stronger than ever. When things start to go wrong in the girl's lives, they are sure they need to find their Big Purpose. As tragedy and disappointment teaches them tough lessons, turning thirteen and finding the Big Purpose suddenly seems pivotal. Newbery Honor winner Jacqueline Woodson's touching story will amaze. (Ages 12 and up).

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The summer of 1995 brings D Foster away from her foster home to the block where 12-year-olds Neeka and the unnamed narrator reside. The three girls find themselves bonding over parental restrictions and Tupac Shakur, and their developing friendship encourages the girls to embark on a forbidden bus ride off the block. After D returns to her mother's care, Neeka and the narrator find that not even Tupac's death can hold the three of them together. With her colloquial and gentle style, Woodson weaves a tale of burgeoning friendship among three New York girls. Blending equal parts bravado and emotional frailty, D's presence adds a lively element to the solid relationship of the two longtime friends; D quickly becomes the mischievous voice encouraging rebellion. Though authentic, the secondary plot with Neeka's brother breaks the continuity of the story. The unnamed-narrator conceit is odd for Woodson; her work needs no such devices to encourage multiple reads. Walkmans and bootleg tapes solidify the setting of the previous decade, bringing added authenticity to Woodson's satisfying tale of childhood friendship. (Fiction. YA) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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