The Satanic Verses


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This novel is an erudite study of the evil and good entwined within the heart, in which two men proceed through a series of metamorphoses, dreams and revelations in the aftermath of their fall from an exploded hijacked jetliner above the English Channel. An epic journey of tears and laughter, of bewitching stories and astonishing flights of imagination within the hearts of men and women. On the basis of this novel, the Ayatollah Kohemini of Iran issued a fatwa on the life of the author for his alleged slandering of Islam. 576p. pap.

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  • Power Struggle

    4 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 3:21:31 PM

    A must read for anyone who is interested in other cultures or looking at the world through another perspective. Although it's told in an awkward time line fashion, the prose, if you can easily concentrate on it, tells a wonderful story, an allegory if you will, between the plight of good and evil and how things/situations can become convoluted over time. Definitely worth reading and gives a greater meaning to why this book was banned and had a fatwa issued against its author.