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Bookshelf Decor Tips from the Experts

Architectural Digest

March 11, 2016

“Think about your interests. Satoh has curated more than a thousand book collections over the last two years, and she always starts the process with a conversation about book content and overall subject themes. For example, Satoh recently created a collection of Jazz Age books for a Prohibition era–themed space at a New York hotel.”

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Thank You - Shelter Update

Style By Emily Henderson Blog

July 30, 2015

“Strand’s library designers blew us away with the assortment of books they kindly put together. One of their services is to curate book collections by the foot for every reading taste and style and they gave us 10 boxes of PERFECTLY curated and customized books for the shelter. Tons of books for the kids and also pretty art books for the living rooms. Some of them were so beautiful (and expensive) that I was very jealous, but ultimately I know that these books will get flipped through and inspiration will be absorbed.”

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Selling A Book By Its Cover

The New York Times

January 5, 2011
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Display Your Books

InStyle Magazine

August, 2009
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Special Gift Guide For Dads & Grads

Family Circle

June, 2009

“When it comes to a present for my father, I'm always in a bind - literally. He's a former English teacher and avid reader, but it's hard to find stuff that's new to him. This year I'm letting New York City's famous Strand Bookstore do my legwork with their Books By The Foot deal.”

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Books In Bulk

The New Yorker

October 1, 2007

Although prop books are meant to be seen and not read, they have to evoke a mise en scène, inside and out. For Indiana Jones, the filmmakers specified that the books cover such topics as paleontology, marine biology, and pre-Columbian society. They had to be in muted colors and predate 1957. “People have gotten so character-specific nowadays,” Jenny McKibben, a manager at the store, said. “It can’t just be color anymore. With high-def, they can just freeze the film and say, ‘Oh, that’s so inappropriate.’ ”

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Shelf Portraits

O At Home

Fall 2007
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Books By the Foot From Strand Book Store

New York Living

November, 2006

”But Bass-Wyden isn't concerned merely with aesthetics; she sees her work as spreading the joy of bookishness. “Old books are like orphans who find a new home,” she says. “ and when they spark conversations and ideas, or are picked up by children or guests, they bring new life to the home.”

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Rooms With Personality

Elle Decor

May, 2006
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Fresh Impressions

Chesapeake Home

February, 2005

“From beautifully restored bookcases to sleek built-ins, today's homeowners are avidly seeking shelf space, but our collections of trinkets seem insufficient for these displays. Strand Books offers a unique service to fill such lonely shelves.”

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Elements of a Room

House and Garden

December, 2003
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Something's Gotta Give

Architectural Digest

November, 2003
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