1001 Chemistry Practice Problems for Dummies


1001 Chemistry Practice Problems for Dummies Chemistry
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Free one-year access to practice problems online:

  • All 1,001 practice problems online -- from easy tohard
  • Track your progress, see where you need more help, and createcustomized problem sets
  • Study what, where, and when you want
  • 1,001 chemistry practice problems
  • Detailed, step-by-step answers and explanations for everyquestion

1,001 questions with step-by-step solutions

This handy guide, with free access to online practice questions, gives you 1,001 opportunities to practice solving problems thatyou'll encounter in your chemistry course. Every practice questionincludes not only a solution but a detailed explanation. Solvingproblems online, you'll track progress, see where you need morehelp, and create customized problem sets to get you where you needto be.

  • Get metric -- dominate units and conversions, explorescientific notation, and become a master of matter and energy
  • Up and atom -- get to the core of the atom and nuclearchemistry and pull up a chair to the periodic table
  • Bonding time -- form a bond with ionic and covalentbonding
  • Calculate this -- make sense of molecular geometry, chemical reactions, and molar calculations
  • It's a gas -- warm up to thermochemistry and solve problemson gases, solutions, and acids and bases, and go off the chart withgraphing basics
  • (More) practice makes perfect -- use your free one-yearsubscription for on-the-go access to all 1,001 practice problemsonline

Go beyond the book.

Get online and find:

  • A one-year free subscription to all questions
  • On-the-go access any way you want it -- from your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Multiple-choice questions on many of the subjects you'llencounter in your chemistry course
  • Personalized reports that track your progress and help show youwhere you need to study the most
  • Customizable practice sets for self-directed study
  • Practice problems categorized as easy, medium, or hard

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