Questions below answered by second floor manager Alex G.

If you have questions for Alex please feel free to email her at staff+alex@strandbooks.com.

What are your favorite books to give to a new baby?

If I had to choose three they would be, in no particular order;

Each of these books has a gentle cadence, lovely illustrations and in board book format will withstand the coming toddler years!

I need a gift for my eight-year-old niece or nephew, what can you suggest?

Roald Dahl is my favorite author to suggest for this age. His playful use of language paired with Quentin Blake’s expressive illustrations is sure to be a hit.

Looking for something more contemporary? You can’t go wrong with comics, kids love comics!

My child has read all of the Harry Potter’s and all of the Percy Jackson’s, what can you recommend for my voracious reader?

The Time Quintet by Madeline L’engle

The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins

Both series feature excellent storytelling, rich fantasy and relatable characters dealing frankly with issues faced by all children as they grow up.