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Greg F.

Greg is a cartoonist/rapper in Brooklyn, drinkin’ mad lemonades. You can read his latest work here (if you want): (not for kids). Tweet him @doctormobogo

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The Night Riders by Matt Furie Friendship is a common theme among books for children. In the style of The Giving Tree, George and Martha, and Where the Wild Things Are, Matt Furie gives us this positive, charming children's classic for a new generation of readers. Lavishly illustrated in dense, lush color, The Night Riders is the wordless story of a cycling frog and a rat who meet a dragon. The dragon introduces them to his subterranean bat(?) friend and the four of them spend the night exploring, surfing with dolphins, and just plain hanging out.

It is Furie’s references to retro video game technology and things like chunky garage door openers that make this book especially charming and relatable to a modern youth audience. Meanwhile, the soft, colorful art is rooted in classic technique that evokes Sendak at his finest. Though wordless, the story is expertly paced, hilarious, and easy to follow for any “reader” who can be trusted with paper pages. Also, the book’s jacket unfolds into a giant full color, two-sided poster! Part of McSweeny’s/McMullens new efforts to publish awesome, edgy books by today’s top cartoonists and illustrators for the real kids of today.

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