The 'C' Students Guide to Scholarships


The 'C' Students Guide to Scholarships Education Guides
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For students with lower GPAs but high ambitions, The "C" Students Guide to Scholarships offers creative ways to win scholarships and grants usually considered only for "straight-A" students. For the great majority of high school students who think they have neither the grades nor the money for college, this is the perfect guide to help them win potential scholarships, grants, and prizes.

  • Tips and techniques to apply for thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants
  • Personal testimonials from "C" students who found their way to success
  • Application Dos and Don'ts with sample application request letters
  • Advice on requesting letters of recommendation and working with recommenders
  • Strategies for writing an awesome essay
  • Guidance on answering tough interview questions
  • Helpful index of scholarship and grant Web resources

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