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Focusing on a practical and analytical approach to written language, "Codes" for Successful Writing provides a simple and logical way to structure, combine and organize sentences. The “codes” method will improve one’s ability to create sentences with the correct punctuation, resulting in enhanced clarity and a more sophisticated writing style. In addition, there are many suggestions and assignments to address various common errors… as well as a variety of exercises to enrich multi-layered learning skills. “Codes” For Successful Writing is also useful to anyone who needs to review grammar, writing mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary.The EZCOMMA App gives you the correct structures with commas and semicolons as well as alternative ways of combining sentences. There is no one perfect solution, but EZCOMMA will provide you with the necessary reference information through examples with a quick screen navigation menu and your host: Mr. E. Z. Comma… He moves his lips and the words appear on the blackboard. Is $1.99 worth presenting to the world as intelligent as you are? Bet on EZCOMMA! It won’t let you down!You can Purchase "CODES" FOR SUCCESSFUL WRITING here, or go to AMAZON.COMFOR EZCOMMA QUESTIONS (EZCOMMA is the connecting App that focuses on specific examples from "Codes" for Successful Writing), email dbtick@aol.com Present to the World… As Intelligent as You Are!

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