• 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider

    By Jec A. Ballaou

    Our Price: $29.95
    • Format: Oversize Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781580175951
    • Publisher: STOREY PUBLISHING
    • Published: July 2005
    Dressage, the equestrian practice in which a horse makes highly precise movements in response to barely perceptible signals from the rider, has taken hold of America’s equestrians. Participation rates have risen by 200 percent over the past twenty years, as baby-boomer riders have discovered dressage to be less strenuous and dangerous than jumping, yet offering the satisfaction of mastering techniques and the opportunity to compete and advance to higher levels of achievement. 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider, presented in Storey’s highly visual “Read & Ride” format, features a full arena diagram and stepby- step instructions for each exercise. The exercises address all levels of riders, starting with the basics and moving up to maneuvers developed by members of the U.S. Olympic team. Training tips and masterly guidance make this an indispensable reference for all dressage riders. Even Western riders interested in enhancing their performance will find these foundational exercises useful. Dressage riders are information-hungry readers, often referred to as “the thinking horsemen.” This book’s sturdy format, combbound and drilled so it can be hung on a ringside post, will appeal to these reading riders, whether in or out of the saddle.
  • 3-Minute Horsemanship: 60 Amazingly Achievable Lessons to Improve Your Horse When Time Is Short

    By Vanessa Bee

    Our Price: $27.95
    • ISBN-13: 9781570766206
    • Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing
    We have all read and heard that when we work with horses, we should feel like we have all the time in the world. Deadlines should not apply. Appointments, meetings, and dinner dates should wait. After all, on one end of the lead rope is a horse that needs a chance to understand what is being asked of him and enough time to figure out the right answer. But the reality today is that on the other end of the lead rope is a twenty-first-century horse owner, often with a full calendar, a mobile phone, and always one eye on the clock. Day after day we promise to train ourselves and our horses to be better at a specific task, but when we get to the barn or stable, there never seems to be enough time. "Don't worry," says Vanessa Bee, horse trainer and founder of the International Horse Agility Club. "What really matters is the quality of the training you do manage to fit in. It is entirely possible to carry out solid, progressive training with a horse in only three minutes a day." Here, Vanessa shares her own brief, digestible lessons that can ultimately produce significant gains in both horse and human in very short sessions. Her refreshing and realistic method offers 35 ground exercises, 25 ridden exercises, and 15 "real world" scenarios that, in no time, will get you out and about with a safe, sane, well-trained horse.
  • 40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes: Simple Solutions for Better Jumping Performance in No Time

    By Wendy Murdoch

    Our Price: $29.95
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781570765865
    • Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
    • Published: May 2013
    "Better balance in the saddle, improved body control from head to toe, and increased influence with your seat are just a handful of the simple fixes offered in this straightforward training manual for jumping. Most of the suggestions provided within require only a few minutes to learn and offer solutions for making jumping more enjoyable for both riders and their horses. Many of the lessons, such as using your body to steer between fences, perfecting the crest release, and counting strides and distances,can be broken down into a series of smaller exercises that build upon each other and can also be used as a warm up or quick position check at the beginning of a ride. By starting and ending each ride with these simple, easy, and effective fixes, equestrians will happily and efficiently replace old habits with new ones and get out of their riding rut"--
  • Academic Equitation: A Training System Based on the Methods of D'Aure, Baucher and L'Hotte

    By General Decarpentry

    Our Price: $34.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781570765506
    • Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
    • Published: January 2012
    Originally written and published in 1949, this is considered by many dressage experts to be the most important contribution to classical training in the twentieth century.
  • Ainslie's Complete Guide to Thoroughbred Racing (Third Edition)

    By Tom Ainslie

    Our Price: $21.99
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780671656553
    • Publisher: Fireside / Simon & Schuster
    • Published: March 1988
    Covers recent technological changes and the basics of breeding, conformation, calculating speed and pace, the factors of condition, class, and weight, rating jockeys, stables, and tracks, tote-board tips, and sixty tips for profitable betting
  • Alexis-Francois L'Hotte: The Quest for Lightness in Equitation

    By Hilda Nelson

    Our Price: $65.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780851317052
    • Publisher: Ja Allen
    • Published: August 1999
    This well-researched book offers a look at the life of the great French rider, Alexis-Francois L'Hotte and a translation of his much quoted Questions Equestres.
  • American Pharoah: The Untold Story of the Triple Crown Winner's Legendary Rise

    By Joe Drape

    Our Price: $16.00
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780316268851
    • Publisher: Hachette Books
    • Published: April 2017
  • American Pharoah: The Untold Story of the Triple Crown Winner's Legendary Rise

    By Joe Drape

    Our Price: $27.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780316268844
    • Publisher: Hachette Books
    • Published: April 2016
    History was made at the 2015 Belmont Stakes when American Pharoah won the Triple Crown, the first since Affirmed in 1978. As magnificent as the champion is, the team behind him has been all too human while on the road to immortality.Written by an award-winning New York Times sportswriter, American Pharoah is the definitive account not only of how the ethereal colt won theKentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes, but how he changed lives. Through extensive interviews, Drape explores the making of an exceptional racehorse, chronicling key events en route to history. Covering everything fromthe flamboyant owner's successful track record, the jockey's earlier heartbreakinglosses, and the Hall of Fame trainer's intensity, Drape paints a stirring portrait ofa horse for the ages and the people around him.
  • American Racetracks and Contemporary Racing Art

    By John O. Humphreys

    Our Price: $20.00
    • Format: Oversize Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781199235930
    A pictorial tour of thoroughbred race courses in Canada, Mexico and the United States, including a color collection of fine paintings.
  • Another Wieneke Wanted!: The 1926 Wieneke Saddlery Catalogue

    By John Brush Pty Ltd

    Our Price: $9.99
    • ISBN-13: 9781975929541
    • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • The Art of Horsemanship

    By Xenophon

    Our Price: $17.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780851310411
    • Publisher: J. A. Allen & Company Limited
    • Published: January 1979
    More than 23 centuries since it was first written, the earliest work on the horse and how to ride him still provides the modern rider with a delightfully readable treatise.
  • True liberty, says Jonathan Field, is much more than simply removing equipment and stepping outside the pen or arena: It is moving with your horse, communicating only with intention, and creating a seamless, smooth, and rhythmic dance. "When you do liberty right, you become one with the herd," he writes. "And not only do you develop an amazing connection with your horse, but it's one of the most fun things you will ever do." Developing communication skills and your relationship with your horse through liberty benefits all that you do, whether on the ground or in the saddle, whether competing or riding for pleasure. Quick responses to subtle cues, clear aids, and a relaxed and attentive horse: These are the keys to liberty, and they are also objectives when you ride, drive, or interact with the horse on the ground around the barn. Liberty, therefore, teaches you to be an all-around better horseman or horsewoman. With Jonathan Field's step-by-step liberty training method, you learn to have a better "feel," to reward the horse sooner, and to time your aids just right to ensure you get the response you want. Plus, you discover how to approach things from the individual horse's perspective--an important key to getting a horse to act because he wants to, rather than because he has to. Fabulously illustrated with hundreds of action-packed photographs taken on Field's spectacular ranch in British Columbia, this book can change the way you are with horses and change the way horses are around you. "The horsemanship journey doesn't end with liberty," writes Field. "It's just the beginning of connection."
  • The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse: Manege Patterns

    By Charles de Kunffy

    Our Price: $32.95
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780876058961
    • Publisher: Howell Book House
    • Published: August 1992
    Shows how to attain optimum performance in a dressage horse with exercises designed to improve suspension, collection, and changes of tempo and gait
  • Austrian Art of Riding: Five Centuries

    By Werner Poscharnigg

    Our Price: $39.95
    • ISBN-13: 9780933316645
    • Publisher: Xenophon Press LLC
  • The Barefoot Horse: An Introduction to Barefoot Hoof Care and Hoof Boots

    By Lucy Nicholas

    Our Price: $34.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780851319872
    • Publisher: Ja Allen
    • Published: June 2012
    An easy-to-read book that will enlighten novice and experienced horse owners about keeping a horse barefoot. Written for horse owners/riders wanting their horses to make the transition from shod to barefoot, which is a relatively new trend in the horse world.