Cards Against Humanity Party with Shmaltz Beer and Sigmund's Pretzels

Friday July 24: 7:00PM 9:00PM

Join us in the ______ for an awesome _______ !
...laundromat, prison riot
...speakeasy, bubble bath

...RARE BOOK ROOM, CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY PARTY!! We're positive that you and your buddies can come up with crazier, more inappropriate combos.

Strand is hosting a boozy Cards Against Humanity party complete with snacks and prizes, right here in our store! Round up your wittiest, most hilarious friends—or even your most mediocre ones, to make you look smarter!—and bring 'em out to our rare book room for night of Cards Against Humanity laughs, complimentary beer from Shmaltz Brewing and pretzels from Sigmund's.

Buy a $20 Strand gift card at the registers or at the door in order to attend this event. All options admit one person. Please note that payment is required for all online event orders at the time of checkout. The event will be located in the Strand's 3rd floor Rare Book Room at our store at 828 Broadway at 12th Street.