Community & the Absence of Curiosity for Others

Friday October 12: 7:00PM 8:00PM

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The term community seems to systematically assume a positive meaning in the US. From the Latin communis, "shared in common", it refers to a social unit which members have something in common that gives them an identity. These things in common may be religion, race, values, beliefs, resources, needs - based on social ties such as family, work, commitment to a cause. This group cohesiveness is supposed to create a sense of community that we automatically correlate with ideas such as solidarity, generosity, sharing. Sharing amongst whom exactly, though?

When we closely observe sociologically how certain communities function not within themselves, but in relation with each other, we often notice a total absence of curiosity for outsiders – when it’s not blunt rejection. We’ll discuss the extent to which we can differentiate the sense of community from the clannishness it might lead to. By reinforcing our community identity, we value what is identical within ourselves, and we might build this identity mainly against others, simultaneously creating and digging frontiers between social groups - instead of opening them.

This event is in partnership with Hang Night – salon-style evenings of creative expression based in Harlem in the Heath Gallery that always include the visual arts and an open mic for poetry, and vocal performers and have also included dance performers, musicians, essayists or a mini-fashion presentation. Hang Night will have art on view and the artists will talk briefly about their work.

Teacher: Jeanne Proust has studied Philosophy and Visual Arts in Bordeaux, Berlin, and Paris. Her research focuses on Théodule Ribot’s Diseases of the Will, both in philosophical and psychological perspectives. While teaching at different universities here in New York, Jeanne is advocating for a widening of philosophical education beyond the frontiers of academia.

Complimentary beer by our presenting partner Sixpoint Brewery.

Sixpoint’s motto is “Beer is Culture,” to highlight the human trajectory—the earliest human civilizations were founded upon the cultivation of cereal grains for making beer. Sixpoint aims to perpetually inspire the art, creativity, and collaboration generated through beer by acknowledging the history of the craft, while forging ahead to inspire culture in a modern setting.