Thursday December 14: 7:00PM 8:00PM

Buy a copy of The Devil's Backbone or a $15 gift card card in-store at the Strand's main floor registers or at the door to attend. This event will take place in the Rare Book Room on the Strand's 3rd floor, accessible via the main store elevator or the stairs and elevator next door at 826 Broadway.

At 7pm in the Rare Book Room film critics Matt Zoller Seitz and Simon Abrams shall enter the Strand to dive into the world of Guillermo del Toro's The Devil's Backbone. Dark and haunting The Devil's Backbone takes us to an orphanage during the last days of the Spanish Civil War. Awash in the cinematic storytelling style that del Toro has become known for, The Devil's Backbone is a classic that is sure to make for a facinating discussion. Don't miss out!

Matt Zoller Seitz is the editor-in-chief at and the television critic for New York magazine and He ha previously worked as a TV critic at and The Newark Star Ledger, and a film critic for The New York Times. Prior to this, he was a regular media columnist for the Dallas Observer, and he founded the film & media criticism blog The House Next Door. He was a finalist for the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.

Simon Abrams is a native New Yorker and freelance film critic whose work has been featured Esquire, the Village Voice and elsewhere. After writing film reviews for the New York Press and Slant Magazine, Simon wrote film reviews for the Village Voice, an outlet that he now regularly contributes feature interviews and capsule reviews to. Simon is currently writing a book on the exploitation of blood and gore on film.