Diverging Elements Theatre Co.: A Letter to Auntie Rosa

Saturday February 13: 2:00PM 4:30PM

Bring your little ones for a Strand storytime special with the Diverging Elements Theatre Company. Their adaptation of Angelica Cheri’s A Letter to Auntie Rosa tells the inspiring story of Rosa Parks’ historic stand against entrenched racism from the point of view of her young niece, and brings home a message of compassion and strength. Featuring a craft and songs by RANGE a capella, the show stars Betty Etheredge, featuring the voices of Izzie Flores, Angela Travino, and Jeremiah Haley, and directed by Sammy Lopez, it’s an insightful and delightful way to learn the story of a remarkable woman.

This free event will be located on Strand’s second floor, in the children’s department. Please note that there will be two performances, one starting at 2:00 PM, and another starting at 3:30 PM.