Things We Haven't Said: Sexual Violence Survivors Speak Out

Wednesday April 11: 7:00PM 8:00PM

Buy a copy of Things We Haven't Said or a $5 gift card in-store at the Strand's main floor registers or at the door to attend. This event will take place in the Photography section on the Strand's 2rd floor, accessible via the main store elevator or stairs.

Editor of the anthology Things We Haven't Said, Erin Moulton, has gathered the writings of sexual violence survivors and compiled it into a beautiful and powerful collection.

Things We Haven't Said is a selection of poems, essays, letters, vignettes and interviews written by a diverse group of adults who survived sexual violence as children and adolescents. This anthology is a valuable resource of hope, grit and honest conversation that will help teens tackle the topic of sexual violence, upend stigma, and maintain hope for a better future.

Join us as Erin sits down with fellow writers Barbara McLean, Allison Maloney, Maya Demri, G. Donald Cribbs, and Jane Cochrane to address this important topic.

Erin E. Moulton is the author of FLUTTER, TRACING STARS, CHASING THE MILKY WAY, and KEEPERS OF THE LABYRINTH. She is also editor of the forthcoming anthology THINGS WE HAVEN’T SAID. Her books have been selected and nominated for national and state award lists, such as the Amelia Bloomer list, the Kentucky Bluegrass Master List and the Isinglass Teen Read Award List. FLUTTER was also a 2011 Kid’s Indie Next pick. When Erin isn’t writing books she can be found drinking an excessive amount of Barry’s Tea, scribbling in notebooks, carving pumpkins, staring off into space wearing her noise cancelling headphones and trying to stay out of mischief without always succeeding. She also works as teen librarian at the Derry Public Library where she maintains a collection of awesome YA books and leads teen programming. Erin loves fostering new voices, which makes her an active school visitor, mentor and workshop leader to writers of all ages. She is a proud VCFA alum, as well as a teen advocate, a humanist, a feminist, and a would-be philanthropist if she could find any extra dollars. You can find her online at

Jane Cochrane is a poet and a journalist. Originally from North Carolina, she recently graduated from college in Los Angeles with a degree in creative writing. She now lives in New York City. 

G. Donald Cribbs has written and published poetry and short stories since high school. He is a contributor to the upcoming anthology, THINGS WE HAVEN'T SAID (Zest, March 2018). Donald is a graduate of Messiah College in English and Education (BA) and holds a PA teacher's certificate in Secondary English. He is also a drug and alcohol counselor at the Discovery House in Harrisburg, PA, and holds a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA). Donald is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). He and his wife and four boys reside in central Pennsylvania where the author is hard at work on his next book, the sequel to his debut novel, THE PACKING HOUSE. Having lived and traveled abroad in England, France, Belgium, Germany, China and Thailand (you can guess where he lived and where he visited), the author loves languages and how they connect us all. Coffee and Nutella are a close second.

Maya Demri is NOT an illusion she is the REAL thing. She started her artistic life at age 4 when she found the magic of ballet and the freedom in painting. Over the years she studied visual arts, dance, acting and singing professionally. In college she discovered her soul's talent of writing and became an author as well. She believes that arts can truly heal and awaken humanity's consciousness. Activism is her biggest passion and she is happy to dedicate her life to help protect the rights of those who are not heard and assist with their healing. 

Allison Maloney is a writer. She currently works as the news and politics editor at Teen Vogue. You can find her on twitter @allimaloney

Barbara McLean hid the injuries from a childhood sexual assault for many years and, as an adult, became involved in an abusive relationship. Eventually, Barbara enrolled in a master's program to study social policy with the desire to change how sexual assault survivors perceive themselves. Today, she works for a Violence Intervention and Treatment Program in Brooklyn, NY, and she volunteers on a sexual assault hotline as well as in a local emergency room. These services provide critical support for survivors who need a safe place to talk about what happened. 

Please Note: This event will take place in the Photography section on the second floor of the Strand's main store, located at 828 Broadway (at 12th Street).
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