Esperanza Spalding: 12 Little Spells (with Anna Deavere Smith)

Friday May 17: 7:30PM 8:30PM

Event Admission        

Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the event.

Join the electrifyingly talented and pathbreakingly original Esperanza Spalding for a discussion of 12 Little Spells, released on vinyl, CD and download by Concord Records. 

12 Little Spells was first penned by Spalding while on a writing retreat at a castle in Italy - inspired by the healing properties of art, how music and the body interact, and her interest in Reikki.  Each spell is based on a different body part, exploring the way the hip moves and bares weight, the feeling of blood pumping through veins and beyond.  Spalding recorded the album with her band in just a few days, and then released each spell with it’s own video on her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages over the course of 12 days – the videos combined are at 4 million views and counting.  In November and December she unveiled a completely new live concert with a customized stage design, gowns designed for her by Diego Montoya, choreography and projected images – limited to just 12 performances. 

She'll be joined in conversation by Anna Deveare Smith, award-winning actor, playwright, and professor.