Jenny Kroik + The Sketchy Book Club

Sunday August 19: 2:00PM 4:00PM

What is more fun than reading and drawing? At the Sketchy Book Club you can combine the two together!

We will begin the event by getting into small cozy groups. Each participant will get their turn to tell others about your favorite book. As one person describes their book, they get their portrait sketched by everyone at their table. We will take turns speaking/sketching and switch every 15 minutes, so that everyone gets to talk about their book, and draw as well!

In addition to intimate groups, we'll have a few special appearances planned:

Author Rachel Lyon will read from her book: "self portrait with boy."

Musician Elizabeth Hunter will perform a song adaptation of a work of poetry.

Writer and Artist Vivien Lee will read a story about her grandfather's life in North Korea, published in the book series Far-Near.

At the end of event we will have an optional "show and tell", and leave with sketches, book recommendations, and lots of inspiration!

Please bring:

  • Your favorite book/books (if you need more books, you could find them at The Strand Bookstore!)
  • A sketchbook
  • Your favorite art supplies. (Dry media only, please! no watercolors, gouache, acrylic, inks, or anything that can stain or be dangerous to books!)

Note: This is not an instructed drawing class. All levels of drawing are welcome!

Admission Options: This event is free and open to the public. There is a suggested $10 donation. The event will be located in the Strand's 3rd floor Rare Book Room at our store at 828 Broadway at 12th Street.