Lou Craft: From New York You Don't Get A Divorce

Friday February 21: 7:00PM 8:00PM

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Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the event.

Join us for a musical review and reading with Lou Craft in the Rare Book Room!

Let's face it, shall we? Once you're here, you can't leave. No matter the siren songs of Barcelona and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, you're stuck in this town like a JImmy Choo high heel in the melting tar on Madison Avenue in the middle of August. From disgruntlement to celebration, join five New Yorkers who meet and sing their pieces at a NY Times luncheon at a falafel joint on Bleecker. Some consider growing older (Hola, J. Alfred, Ciao Trader Vic's, Hello Trader Joe's ) some contemplate the characters they've encountered, (Mrs. Sprat's Ultimate Demise at Katz's Deli, Cassidy Quinn's Redemption at the Casino in Queens, Brunch at Sarabeth's with Aunt Dotty from Madbury ) some are libidinously literary (Waltzing Down to the Strand, Catcher in the Reservoir, NYPL on the UES, The Dastardly Double U, Go See Shakespeare at Night in the Park) some are unrepentant foodies (The Greengrass is Always Greener, Everybodys a Dumpling) But through it all, everyone agrees that: From New York You Don't Get a Divorce.

Lou Craft is a writer based in Manhattan. Lou had her first poem published in the New York Times Metropolitan Diary four years ago and subsequently they have published another eighteen. The phenomenal composer, Frank Sanchez, came onto the scene last year and together they conceived "From New York You Don't Get a Divorce" based on the NY Times poems. Lou is supremely grateful to the  extraordinary cast of Matt, Julie, Marty and Chelsea for bringing their exuberance, enthusiasm and expertise to the cabaret.

Frank Sanchez (Composer) is excited to be part of this wonderful production. He is the composer of dozens of family theatre musicals, as well as the President and Artistic Director of Frank Sanchez Musicals. He would like to dedicate this, and every performance, to his greatest production: his daughter, Violet.