The New Republic - Salon at the Strand (with Anna Wiener)

Wednesday January 15: 7:00PM 8:00PM

This event is free to attend--RSVP here! This event will take place in the Rare Book Room, located on the 3rd floor of the Strand, accessible via the stairs or elevator at 826 Broadway (at 12th Street).

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Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the event.

Join us in the Rare Book Room for the first meeting of 2020 with the New Republic's Salon at the Strand! Each month, the New Republic will sit down with a lauded author to discuss their latest work in depth, and their works in progress.

Anna Wiener's Uncanny Valley is one of the most anticipated books of the year, described by Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler as a "generation-defining account" of her time in Silicon Valley. After she leaves book publishing in New York for work at a San Francisco big-data startup, Wiener arrived in the midst of a massive cultural shift, as the tech industry rapidly transformed into a locus of wealth and power rivaling Wall Street. But amid the company ski vacations and in-office speakeasies, boyish camaraderie and ride-or-die corporate fealty, a new Silicon Valley began to emerge: one in far over its head, one that enriched itself at the expense of the idyllic future it claimed to be building.

Join us in the Rare Book Room for a conversation about this unsparing and incisive look into the dream-world of Northern California from an up-and-coming writer.

Anna Wiener is a contributing writer to The New Yorker online, where she writes about Silicon Valley, startup culture, and technology. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, New York, The New Republic, and n+1, as well as in Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017. She lives in San Francisco. Uncanny Valley is her first book.








Laura Marsh is the literary editor of The New Republic and co-host of the podcast The Politics of Everything. She has written for the New York Review of Books, Dissent, Bookforum, The Times Literary Supplement and Literary Review. Previously she was an editor at the New York Review of Books.

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