Susan Shapiro & Co.: The Secrets of Book Publishing

Tuesday August 1: 7:00PM 9:00PM

Come celebrate exciting new books by Peter Catapano, Abby Sher, Renee Watson, Sarah Gerard and Rakesh Satyal in this gathering of superb writers, editors and agents sharing the secrets of the publishing trade! The panel will be moderated by New School professor Susan Shapiro, author of the novel What’s Never Said.

Panelists include:

  • NYT editor Peter Catapano, author of Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments (Norton)
  • Norton editor Phil Marino
  • Atria editor Rakesh Satyal, author of No-one Can Pronounce My Name (Picador)
  • Renee Watson, author of Piecing Me Together (Bloomsbury)
  • Sarah Gerard, author of Sunshine State (Harpercollins)
  • Abby Sher, author of All the Ways the World Can End (FSG)
  • CAA agent Mollie Glick

Tickets for this event are $15 and include a Strand gift card for the same amount. Buy a ticket in-store at the Strand's main floor registers or at the door to attend. This event will take place in the Rare Book Room on the Strand's 3rd floor, accessible via the store elevator or at 826 Broadway.