Wednesday September 27: 7:00PM 8:00PM

For decades video games have both entertained and intrigued the masses, opening up an entirely new realm of possibilities for storytellers around the world. But what does it take to actually create one of these interactive realms? How difficult can it really be? Jason Schreier is here with his new book Blood, Sweat, and Pixels to tell you making a game is incredibly difficult and every game that succeeds in getting made is a miracle.

Going through the development process from indie gems like Stardew Valley to AAA blockbusters like Destiny, Jason takes readers through the chaotic journey of bringing a game to life with impossible schedules, technical nightmares, and unreasonable corporate demands. It’s an odyssey of creativity that goes behind-the-scenes of several of today’s popular games.

Join us in the Rare Book Room as Jason joins game developers Amanda Gardner (Perception) and Bill Gardner (Bioshock) to discuss the ups-and-downs of video game development, moderated by Jake Baldino from the hit YouTube channel Gameranx.


JASON SCHREIER is the news editor at Kotaku, a leading website covering the industry and culture of video games, where he has developed a reputation for fearless reporting on a variety of tough industry subjects. He has also covered the video game world for Wired, and has contributed to a wide range of outlets including The New York Times, Edge, Paste, Kill Screen, and The Onion News Network. This is his first book.

AMANDA GARDNER: A life-long gamer, Amanda has been fully-immersed in the geek lifestyle for as long as she can remember. Amanda writes all the things - books, video games (Perception), parenting and mindfulness blog posts, you name it. When she’s not writing, she’s juggling her four children and teaching yoga. Amanda also serves as the Perception’s producer, a role she was born for, considering all she does is chase after people anyway.

BILL GARDNER spent over twelve years in various design roles at Irrational Games. On games like SWAT 4, BioShock and BioShock Infinite, he worked as Level Designer, Lead Designer, Design Director and User Experience Specialist. He's had his hand in all aspects of Irrational's award-winning design, and even managed to walk away with a few accolades of his own. Now Creative Director at The Deep End Games, Bill spent the past three years on Perception, a video game about a blind woman exploring a haunted mansion. Now out for PS4/XB1/PC.

JAKE BALDINO is a producer of video game, entertainment, and technology related content and has fun doing it. He is a host, creator, and lead producer of the hit channel Gameranx on YouTube and talks about all things movie and game related on his personal platform BecauseVideoGames.

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