Tyra Banks + Carolyn London: Perfect is Boring

Tuesday April 3: 7:00PM 8:00PM

PLEASE NOTE: The location for this event has changed. The event will now take place in the Strand's Rare Book Room, located on the 3rd floor of the main store at 828 Broadway (at 12th Street). 

Details for Tonight: Enter via elevator or stairs to the 3rd floor at 826 Broadway (to the left of the main Strand entrance) starting at 6PM. Event starts at 7pm. If you purchased tix and have questions, email events@strandbooks.com #PerfectIsBoring

Buy a copy of Perfect is Boring or a $20 ticket in-store at the Strand's main floor registers or at the door to attend. This event will take place in the Rare Book Room on the Strand's 3rd floor in the Rare Book Room, accessible through the stairs or elevator at 826 Broadway (next door to the store at 12th Street). Doors will open at 6:00 PM.

In this one-of-a-kind book Tyra Banks and her mother Carolyn London show readers why when you kick perfection to the curb and showcase your unique beauty, embrace your beautiful booty, and outpace your competition, ain’t nobody gonna stop you!

In Perfect Is Boring, Tyra Banks and her mother, Carolyn, get raw, real and cray-in-a-good-way as they share what they’ve learned on Tyra’s journey from insecure preteen to supermodel and entrepreneurial powerhouse. Though she’ll be the first to tell you she is not her daughter’s best friend—‘cause she ain’t that kinda mama!—there’s no doubt that Carolyn’s signature mix of pep talks and tough love got Tyra to where she is today, and here they pay it forward to empower readers with a reminder that perfect really isn’t all that.

Whether they’re writing about watching Tyra’s most imperfect moment go viral (Does “Be Quiet Tiffany!” ring any bells?), no-holds-barred sex talks or how they’ve overcome everything from fashion industry discrimination to media fat-shaming and a misguided attempt at a music career, they never lose their sense of humor or we-got-your-back-spirit. Full of smart, wise, and often hilarious lessons for mothers, daughters, fathers and sons everywhere—including “Take Responsibility for Yourself,” “Lip Gloss + Pizza Sauce = Boss,” and “Fix It or Flaunt It”—Perfect Is Boring is a must-read for anyone who needs a kick in the booty, a pat on the back, or a good reason to laugh-out-loud.

Join us in the Rare Book Room as Tyra and Carolyn share this priceless pearls of wisdom!

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