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First published in 1866, this murderer's story told from a murderer's point of view has implicated even the most innocent reader in its enormities. A cat-and-mouse game between a tormented young killer and a cheerfully implacable detective, the novel is a preternaturally acute investigation of the forces that impel a man toward sin, suffering, and grace. This new translation provides the most exact, idiomatic, and contemporary rendition in print. With Notes. 564p.

Strand Staff Reviews

";First of all, you don't need me to tell you that this book is incredible. It has already established itself as a hyper mega classic. So here is what I was thinking while I was reading it....

As I was reading about Raskolnikov's decent into to madness, I felt myself losing grip more and more with my reality... specifically, I was becoming obsessed with the ";superman"; idea as it is reflected into the book. What is the necessary action/device that one uses to achieve that ideal status in his or her mind? I don't agree with the way that Raskolnikov achieves this status in the book, however understanding the stress of that situation, coupled with the age that I read the book (23 (same as the protagonist)), was an amazing journey.

Also, I got sick and thought I -like a bunch of characters- was getting consumption.... little did I know that I did not have Tuberculosis. I'm fine now. "; -- Jordan Y., Art Department Staff

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