Down and Out in Paris and London


Down and Out in Paris and London Fiction

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In this realistic and unsentimental description of poverty, Orwell narrates the adventures of a penniless British writer who finds himself rapidly descending into the seedy heart of two great European capitals. As a dishwasher in Paris, he describes in vivid detail the horrors of what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchens of posh French restaurants. In London, he encounters the disturbing world of street people and charitable shelters. His adventures conning landlords and negotiating with pawnshops as he searches for work, food, and lodging are told with occasional humor and a clarity that offers some sobering Orwellian truths about poverty and society. 214p.

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  • On Being a Plongeur

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    Written by , Posted on at 12:46:30 PM

    Like many writers, George London spent time in odd jobs, menial labor and being downright poverty stricken. In matter-of-fact prose that allows for no disbelief, he relates a time in his youth when he had to struggle for his next meal, his next paycheck and the true details of negotiating poverty. Quite an original book and an unexpected treasure from an author known mainly for his dystopian novels. Perhaps this beleaguered time in his life explains the tone of his later oeuvres.