Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance


Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance Fiction
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Welsh serves up three specimens of a new genre of fiction: the chemical romance. In 'Lorraine Goes to Livingston,' a best-selling author of Regency romances, paralyzed & bedridden, plans her revenge on a gambling, whoring husband with the aid of her nurse, Lorraine; in 'Fortune's Always Hiding,' flawed beauty Samantha Worthington enlists a smitten young soccer thug to find the man who marketed the drug that crippled her from birth - in order to give him a taste of his own disastrous medicine; in the upbeat final tale, 'The Undefeated,' readers experience the transfiguring passion of the miserably married young yuppie Heather & the raver Lloyd from Leith - an affair played out to a house music beat.

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