"Just a Human Being" and Other Tales from Contemporary Cambodia

"Just a Human Being" and Other Tales from Contemporary Cambodia Fiction
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Cambodian writers represented in this collection of short fiction depict the social, political and economic challenges of life in contemporary Cambodia. The various tales provide humanistic insight into Cambodia's world of rapid modernization since the 1990s as the country recovers from decades of political and economic instability. Among the stories. "Just a Human Being," plays on memories of the Khmer Rouge embedded in contemporary bureaucratic practices of the early 1990s. Other stories, like "Lord of the Land" and "The Boat," are allegories about the lingering traces of the Khmer Rouge era on contemporary social relationships and politics. They explore a theme found in many of these stories: the need to overcome karma and reclaim compassion in a desperate world of poverty and sheer survival. Many of the short stories are ethnographic and provide a snapshot into life in contemporary Cambodia.

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