Madame Bovary: Provincial Ways

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Madame Bovary: Provincial Ways Fiction
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Winner of the French-American Foundation Translation Prize. Emma Bovary is the original desperate housewife. Beautiful but bored, she is married to the provincial doctor Charles Bovary yet harbors dreams of an elegant and passionate life. Escaping into sentimental novels, she finds her fantasies dashed by the tedium of her days. Motherhood proves to be a burden; religion is only a brief distraction. In an effort to make her life everything she believes it should be, she spends lavishly on clothes and on her home and embarks on two disappointing affairs. Soon heartbroken and crippled by debts, Emma takes drastic action with tragic consequences for her husband and daughter. Lydia Davis provides a “fresh, dynamic, and riveting” 21st-century translation. With a Notes section. 342p.

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