The Name of the Rose

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The year 1327 will never be the same. This labyrinthine tour de force reprinted here for the first time, with a delightful postscript by the author that wryly reveals the 'seminal idea' of the novel, and speaks instructively on the craft of fiction. 544p. Pap.

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  • Name of the Rose

    4 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 10:22:02 PM

    I recently read this book after stumbling across Foucault's Pendulum, another book by Eco (a linguist), and discovered a gem. While Eco's writing style is not for everyone, I enjoyed it immensely. He writes semi-disjointedly, using sentence fragments and foreign words and phrases liberally. I enjoy his writing style because it makes you think, and occasionally look up a word or phrase. The book itself is about a library, and human nature, told through the eyes of a young monk visiting a world-renowned library with his mentor. During their visit, a monk is murdered every day, and the murders follow a pattern revealed in an ancient text kept in the library. The young monk also encounters heresy nearly every day. Convinced that the answers to both the murders and the heresies lie in the library (to which no one is allowed access outside of the librarian and his assistant), they are forced to attempt to sneak into the library, which is protected by multiple booby traps and its labyrinthine architecture, making it nearly impossible to navigate. The entire rather lengthy book covers a time span of only a week. The culmination of the book is a fire that burns down the library, and the countless treasures contained within.