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Can a young woman with a rare and beautiful mind forge an equally beautiful life? When that woman faces both the gifts and challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder, that which isolates her from the world may be the very thing that joins her with a soul mate. Author Yahnira Backus's poignant futuristic novel charts the emotional journey through the complex channels of the human mind, as well as the deep recesses of the human heart. Inspiring and suspenseful, this wildly inventive, profoundly insightful work of fiction is certain to resonate with anyone who champions the transcendent power of love.Set in the near future, The "A" List centers on a bold new world where the incidence of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (renamed ASP Syndrome) has risen to epidemic proportions. When the government takes notice of the promising research conducted by Dr. Michael Glenn, he is given the green light to oversee a groundbreaking research facility, the Glenn Research Facility (GRF), which offers ASP babies an optimal environment to realize their strenghths and overcome their neurological obstacles. However, in order to succeed, the selected infants must be taken from their birth parents to be nurtured and tested. One such infant, Sarah GRF81230, has emerged into a breathtaking and brilliant young graduate, who soon learns that she has been preparing for one of the most important medical and political debates in history.As Sarah navigates new terrain in both her mind and her heart, she reunites with her birth family, and forges a meaningful new tie with her new colleague Josh. Tapping into an inner strength to overcome her perceived obstacles, Sarah creates an inspired, rich life. Harnessing the healing power of fiction to mine deeper truths, The "A" List will open the minds of anyone who seeks a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as open the hearts of those who relish a rare romance.

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