100 Japanese Puzzles Games
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This book contains 100 Japanese Puzzles created by LOGI, the leading Polish puzzle publisher.
Inside you will find 100 beautiful puzzles with unique solutions, of five difficulty levels.
Size of the puzzles - from 5x5 to 30x35.

Japanese puzzles are a kind of very addictive logic puzzles, in which you have to paint some fields following the numbers and you will see that the fields will form an image!

10 reasons why LOGI puzzles are better than other:
  1. LOGI puzzles always have unique solutions - algorithms are written by experts, you can be sure that puzzles have only one solution!
  2. LOGI puzzles can be solved using logic thinking - you don't have to guess the next step, it's only logic!
  3. LOGI puzzles are prepared by professional graphic designers - you always know what is in the picture!
  4. LOGI gives you clear solving rules - you can easily understand the rules!
  5. Five difficulty levels - level 1 is really easy and level 5 is really difficult!
  6. On last pages we publish solutions, which are really big, readable and every solution has a tittle!
  7. No repeating puzzles - this issue contains 100 different and unique LOGI puzzles!
  8. You won't find LOGI puzzles in any other magazine around the world - puzzles come from our magazines published only in Poland!
  9. LOGI puzzles are published in Poland since 2004 - we know well what puzzlers like!
  10. If u still can't solve a puzzle - check our website for online tutorials!

The person who takes care of Logi's high quality is Urszula Marciniak - the founder of Logi.
Mathematician, photographer, a puzzle fan!

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