Help: Wish Lists

Wish Lists FAQ

What is the purpose of a Wish List?

The purpose of the wish list is to save items that you wish to purchase at a later time. Items that are currently out-of-stock can also be added to your wish list and you will be notified via email if or when they come back into stock. You can also share your wish list(s) with friends and family.

How can I add items to my Wish List?

While shopping on our site, you can add items to your wish list to purchase at a later time. The “Add to Wish List” option can be found at the bottom of an item’s details page. You can create multiple wish lists, giving each one its own name, preferred shipping address, and availability for public or private viewing. You can also print your wish list and bring it to the store for easier shopping!

Please note that items on your wish list are not removed from inventory, nor are they saved for you. Your wish list is simply a way for you to bookmark items desired for later purchase. However, items on your wish list are still available for purchase to the general public until you move those items to your shopping bag and complete the checkout process.

Can I place out-of-stock items on my Wish List?

Absolutely! Any item that is on our website can be placed on your wish list. When out-of-stock items on your wish list come back into stock, we’ll notify you by email. Again, please note that placing an item on your wish list does not guarantee that it’s been set aside for you. Wish list email notifications only indicate that the item is now available for purchase. However, you must still create an order for the item(s). Please move the desired item(s) from your wish list to your shopping bag and complete the checkout process.

How do I move items from my Wish List to my cart?

For any items that you want to purchase from your wish list, please click the “Move to Shopping Bag” checkbox located to the right of any desired item(s) and then click the “Update Items” button. This will move those selected items directly to your shopping bag for easy checkout.

The item that I moved from my wish list to my shopping bag is now indicated as being out-of-stock? Why?

Unfortunately, another customer already placed an online order for the item or purchased it in the store.

What is the difference between a private and public wish list?

A private wish list is one that only you can view. However, public wish lists can be viewed by anyone, as well as being emailed to friends and family. Emailing your wish list to a friend or family member is a great way to send suggestions (hint, hint) for an upcoming birthday or holiday. You can email an individual item or an entire wish list by clicking on the “send to a friend” button and entering their email address.