Nastasia Yakoub: Dame Traveler (with Laura Jean)

Wednesday March 4: 7:30PM 8:30PM

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From backpackers in Peru to artists in Berlin to storytellers in Morocco, Dame Traveler celebrates the diversity and bravery of women from around the world who are not afraid to think (and live) outside the box.

The revolutionary Dame Traveler Instagram account was founded by Nastasia Yakoub, who was born into a strict Chaldean-Middle Eastern community where women are expected to marry young and put aside other personal ambitions. But at the age of 20, Nastasia embarked on a solo trip to South Africa to volunteer at an orphanage in Cape Town, which sparked a love of world travel. Recognizing a void in the travel industry, she founded Dame Traveler, the first female travel community on Instagram, now more than half a million strong. Nastasia has traveled to 63 countries on solo adventures, sharing colorful photos of her tantalizing travels along the way.

Dame Traveler celebrates these women with a photographic collection of 200 stunning images paired with inspiring captions, 80 percent of which have never been seen on the Instagram account. Organized into sections on architecture, culture, nature, and water, each entry features travel information, advice, unique solo-travel experiences, and wisdom from contributing globe-trotters to embolden the next generation of Dame Travelers.

Dame Traveler: Nastasia Yakoub

Nastasia Yakoub is a former registered nurse turned full-time traveler, entrepreneur, and photographer. She is the founder of Dame Traveler, Instagram’s best-known independent female travel community. Defying her cultural norms, she went from a totally sheltered upbringing to traveling to 63 countries on solo adventures.







Laura Jean is an internationally recognized writer, photographer, podcaster, traveler and overall culture enthusiast. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Laura has a love for promoting adventures large and small on her blog Roam + Go Lightly, as well as an adjoined podcast where she chats to influential makers, explorers and creatives to gain insight on their inspirational resources. Laura is also co-host and executive producer of Passports & Pizza, a chatty foodie-travel podcast. As a freelance writer and editor, Laura served as the editor in chief and lead copywriter of Dame Traveler - the first female travel community on Instagram. 



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