Lawrence Weschler, Uncanny Valley: Adventures in the Narrative, with Robert Krulwich

Wednesday November 16: 7:00PM 8:00PM

Shuttling between cultural comedies and political tragedies, Lawrence Weschler has intrigued readers with his unique insight into everything he examines, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Uncanny Valley continues the page-turning conversation as Weschler collects the best of his narrative nonfiction from the past fifteen years. The title piece surveys the hapless efforts of digital animators to fashion a credible human face, the endlessly elusive gold standard of the profession. Other highlights include profiles of novelist Mark Salzman, as he wrestles with a hilariously harrowing bout of writer’s block; the legendary film and sound editor Walter Murch, as he is forced to revisit his work on "Apocalypse Now" in the context of the more recent Iraqi war film "Jarhead;" and the artist Vincent Desiderio, as he labors over an epic canvas portraying no less than a dozen sleeping figures.

Lawrence Weschler is regarded as one of the leading practitioners of literary nonfiction. His essays have appeared in The New Yorker for over twenty years, and his series of "Convergences" is a regular feature in McSweeney's Quarterly

Robert Krulwich, the Science Correspondent for NPR and co-host of Radiolab. A Special Correspondent for "ABC News," Krulwich appears regularly on "Nightline" and other news programs, including "ABC News Tonight" and "Good Morning America."

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