Mary O'Hara: The Shame Game (with Maeve Higgins)

Friday March 20: 7:30PM 8:30PM

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Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the event.

What does it mean to be poor in the U.S. and Britain? For decades the primary narrative about poverty in both countries is that it has been caused by personal flaws or 'bad life decisions' rather than policy choices or economic inequality. This misleading account has become deeply embedded in the public consciousness with serious ramifications for how financially vulnerable people are seen, spoken about and treated.

Drawing on a two-year multi-platform initiative, this book by award-winning journalist and author Mary O'Hara, asks how we can overturn this fundamentally pernicious portrayal once for all. Crucially, she turns to the real experts to try to find answers - the people who live it.

The Shame Game goes right to the heart of why, as cultures, we blame the poorest for their misfortune, and documents how a negative 'story' about the causes and consequences of poverty has become so embedded in the public consciousness.

Join us in the 2nd floor Art Department where Mary O'Hara will discuss her new book with comedian Maeve Higgins!

Mary O'Hara is an award-winning journalist and author specializing in social policy and social justice. She was inspired to write about social issues in part because of her experience of childhood poverty growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mary is also an executive producer on the award-winning podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and founder of the anti-poverty initiative, Project Twist-It. She is a Guardian contributor and writes the column, 'Lesson from America.' She is also the author of best selling book Austerity Bites: A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK.

Maeve Higgins is a contributing writer for The New York Times and the host of the hit podcast Maeve in America: Immigration IRL. She is a comedian who has appeared on 2 Dope Queens and Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. Her critically acclaimed essay collection Maeve in America has been featured in People, Good Housekeeping, Refinery29, and more. Maeve co-hosts the climate justice podcast Mothers of Invention with Mary Robinson. 

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