• "Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water" Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!

    By Ivy Liacopoulou

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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781449997816
    • Publisher: Createspace
    • Published: December 2010
    Cypriot cuisine is shaped by the island's Mediterranean climate, geography, and history. The majority of its recipes are based on Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet, which is one of the healthiest in the world, using fresh, wholesome ingredients.Cyprus’s strategic location in the Eastern Mediterranean, situated between the crossroads of three continents, had brought to the island many conquerors and thus its cuisine has evolved into an amalgamation of diverse tastes and textures, with an unmistakable mark that makes it undeniably Cypriot. You will see influences from the Ottomans and its neighbouring Middle Eastern countries but there are also remnants of French, Italian, and Anglo-Saxon influences stemming from the island's occupation by the French Lusignans, the Venetians, the Ottomans and the British. The cookbook is a collection of over 150 of the best traditional Greek-Cypriot recipes, fully revised and updated with a fresh, modern new look, a brief history of the recipe, clear instructions, useful tips and over 160 mouthwatering pictures. The recipes are written both in the U.S. and the metric system and substitutes are given for local ingredients.Cypriots are Orthodox and almost half of the year is fasting period, so a lot of the recipes are nistisima (vegan). Mediterranean food is delicious, easy, inexpensive and, of course, healthy.In the cookbook you will find a lot of recipes, which reflect on the simplicity of the Mediterranean style of eating, ranging from the classic makaronia tou fourniou (pastitsio) and moussakas, sheftalia, ravioles, koupepia, bourekia, flaounes, kolokotes, daktyla, loukoumia (delights), mahalepi, to more complicated recipes such as bombari, zalatina, pastitsia (almond cookies), shiamishi, loukoumia tou gamou and more. The author has included a small sample of her own recipes, always based on the traditional principles of the Mediterranean diet, such as louvanosalata, a dip with yellow split peas, galeos marinatos (marinated tope fish), moussakas and pastitsio nistimo (vegan), sykotakia me lahanika (chicken giblets with vegetables), caramelized spiced dry fruit in wine. The cookbook is not only addressed to the lovers of Greek food in general but is also a handbook to all the Greeks of “diaspora” who will not only get back to the simple hearty fare of their childhood by recreating the recipes of their ancestors but will also come closer to their culture and heritage. http://kopiaste.orgKopiaste!
  • ...of Passing Clouds, Distant Shores, and Tales of a Cuban Cook

    By Marlene Vadell

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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781479219780
    • Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
    • Published: December 2012
    This book is the memoir of a young girl growing up in Cuba, and through the passages of her growth while living in different countries after her departure from Cuba during the revolution days. Her passion for good Cuban and Spanish food ingrained in her by her grandmother's superb cooking abilities were ever present in her.This book is a recollection of things past, and the preservation of the recipes handed down by her grandmother and other relatives.
  • 1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas: Mouthwatering Food Presentations from Chefs, Photographers, and Bloggers from Around the Globe (1000 Series)

    By Ari Bendersky

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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781592538591
    • Publisher: Rockport Publishers
    • Published: December 2013
    An inspiring journey into the world of culinary art, 1,000 Food Art & Styling Ideas showcases food styling photos by photographers, food stylists, chefs, and bloggers from around the world.
  • 1,000 Spanish Recipes

    By Penelope Casas

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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780470164990
    • Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • Published: November 2014
    An unparalleled recipe compendium celebrating Spanish cuisine in the latest book in the 1,000 Recipes series.
  • The 100 Greatest Dishes of Louisiana Cookery

    By Roy F. Jr. Guste

    Our Price: $22.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780393334425
    • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
    • Published: February 1988
  • 1080 Recipes

    By Simone Ortega

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    • Format: Oversize Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9780714848365
    • Publisher: Phaidon
    • Published: October 2007
    This first English edition of the book that has 'helped to improve the way people in Spain eat' proves that cooking has no borders. It offers a wealth of gastronomic experience and wisdom. Each recipe is numbered and the book is fully indexed, using the recipe numbers to direct you quickly and easily to the dish you are looking for. Showcasing the fastest growing cuisine in popularity, with Spanish restaurants and tapas bars opening in cities worldwide, the book features updated recipes from all Spanish regions, with coverage of everything from appetizers to stews, from vegetables to desserts. Illus., 500+ drawings; 100 color photos.
  • 150 Best Ebelskiver Recipes

    By Camilla Saulsbury

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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780778804420
    • Publisher: Robert Rose
    • Published: January 2013
    Ebelskivers are small Danish puffed pancakes made in a special multi-well pan. Sweet and savory variations of this petite puff are appearing on restaurant menus and at farmer's markets across North America. The widespread availability of the pans at department and super stores has encouraged home cooks to join in the fun of this tasty treat. Originally only available at Williams-Sonoma stores, the pans are now a top selling item at many mass merchants and gourmet stores. Ebelskivers, with their ideal shape and size, appeal to home cooks of all kinds for all occasions. This fantastic cookbook goes well beyond a collection of recipes, as it is an appliance/equipment handbook, too. The recipes range from simple to sophisticated, yet all are convenient and delicious treats, which range from classic ebelskivers, to newer breakfast options, to make-ahead appetizers, to snacks for the family. Even decadent desserts can be made in minutes all without turning on the oven. Just a small sample of these sumptuous recipes include: Cranberry Orange Ebelskivers, Buttery Beignet Puffs, Maple-Pecan Ebelskivers Smoked Salmon and Dill Puffs, Roasted Pepper Feta Puffs, Crab Cake Puffs Chocolate Ganache Ebelskivers, Praline Puffs, Browned Butter Ebelskivers Buckwheat Blini Puffs, Lamington Puffs, Spanakopita Puffs, Linzer Puffs. The 150 recipes deliver inspired flavor combinations in addition to vegan and gluten-free variations of the classic and simplified batters, both of which can be substituted for recipes throughout the collection. And the step-by-step photos of the ebelskiver techniques ensure a perfect result every time.
  • 25 de Retete Rapide Cu Cartofi: Carte de Bucate Vegane Fara Gluten Pentru Incepatori

    By Cristina G

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    • ISBN-13: 9781720463504
    • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • The 30-Minute Vegan's Taste of Europe: Plant-Based Makeovers of Classics from France, Italy, Spain . . . and Beyond

    By Mark Reinfeld

    Our Price: $9.50
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780738214337
    • Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
    • Published: 2013
    From vegan chef and coauthor of the 30-Minute Vegan series: recipes showcasing classic European cuisine?made without any animal products
  • 315 Best Ever Mediterranean Recipes

    By Beverly Jollands

    Our Price: $17.99
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781780190402
    • Publisher: Natl Book Network
    • Published: March 2012
    Offers step-by-step instructions for making such regional classics as paella, risotto, kebabs, tiramisu, and baklava.
  • 365 Foreign Dishes: A Foreign Dish for Every Day in the Year

    By George W. Jacobs

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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781548974626
    • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • 5 Spices, 50 Dishes: Simple Indian Recies Using Five Common Spices

    By Ruta Kahate

    Our Price: $19.95
    • Format: Oversize Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780811853422
    • Publisher: CHRONICLE BOOKS
    • Published: May 2007
    An introduction to the cuisine of India explains how to combine a few simple ingredients with five common spices--coriander, cumin, mustard, cayenne pepper, and turmeric--to create authentic, easy-to-prepare Indian dishes, including Roasted Lamb with Burnt Onions, Steamed Cauliflower with a Spicy Tomato Sauce, Curried Mushrooms and Peas, and others. Original.