The 50 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes...and How to Avoid Them

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The 50 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes...and How to Avoid Them Law, Law Enforcement, & Crime
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-This book is, quite simply, the best I've seen in its field. It is sound, comprehensive, helpful, and--most importantly--readable. Its authors know their business, and they know how to explain what you need to know to make intelligent plans for your estate.-
--Donald Coxe, Chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP, has been a columnist with the Globe & Mail, the National Post, and Maclean's and is the author of The New Reality of Wall Street

-A sensible, sound and savvy guide for everyone who is not immortal--that is, all of us. Thoroughly enjoyable and insightful. A must-read for all those thinking about estate planning--which, too, should be all of us.-
--Michael Gordon, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Geriatrician and author of Moments that Matter: Cases in Ethical Eldercare

-In a very readable and easy-to-understand manner, this book hits all of the common estate planning mistakes head-on. I highly recommend it.-
--Ian Hull, LLB, Hull & Hull LLP

-This book is a must-read to understand how to protect your hard-won assets and assure a smooth transition for your family when you are gone. This easy-to-read guide provides the information needed to make the right decisions at the right time.-
--Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist of BMO Capital Markets and author of The New Retirement

stepping lightly around the pitfalls of estate planning...

Estate planning is critically important, but it's a task many of us would rather avoid. And once you get started, even the most careful and well-intentioned person can slip up along the way. Avoid the pitfalls! The 50 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes outlines the major mistakes and their consequences in an entertaining way--and helps you to get your estate planning right.

Delivering practical and helpful information in a light tone, the authors help to make difficult conversations a little easier. The book's fifty concise chapters are filled with real-life examples, organized under four key areas:

  • The biggest mistake--not planning at all
  • Failing to plan for the possibility of mental incompetency
  • Mistakes made during the estate planning process itself
  • Common mistakes made by executors

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